Actor’s Access:

Height: 5’2.5″   Weight: 226     Hair: Black      Eyes: Brown



South Pacific Village Native Playhouse Peppermint Players
Playwrights Project Opening vocals


Joyce Fitzgerald

Pam Manteleone, University Of North Florida
Thursday Night Vampire Improv Various roles Boomtown
“Age of Aquarius” Dancer and singer Boomtown
A Ghostly Crime Mary, Edwina (dual role) Professor Plum’s Playhouse


Supernatural GenderSWAP Episodes 1 & 2 (supporting) Radio, internet Kasey J. Heimann, Fool’s Gold Theatre Productions
The Rhythm of the Piper (supporting) Radio, internet Dr. Who Audio Adventures
Politricks (lead) Podcast Erin Mills
Cold Cat (lead) New media Connor Waterbanks
The Magic Mushroom: Key to the Door to Eternity (narrator) Audiobook ACX
Cryptids, Strange Creatures, and Other Mysterious Things (narrator) Audiobook ACX
Summary Of Unfreedom of the Press: A Comprehensive Summary to the Book of Mark R. Levin (narrator) Audiobook ACX

BA in anthropology, minor in history, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida  – studied Shakespeare one semester, art in music (required), and classics in cinematography


  • Dustin Hoffman’s Masterclass,
  • Acting 101 for Adults – Aaron Jackson,
  • Be A Voice Actor, Laci Hoffman,
  • Circa87 Actors Workshops, Dan Steadman, Belleville, IL, 2018
  • Acting for Adults, David Wassilak, COCA, St. Louis
  • Actors: Learn How To Audition For Film And Television, Marci Liroff,
  • Record Voice Over Like A Pro,


Valid Passport, Driver’s License, Drive stick shift (but out of practice), Dialects (Southern Naturally, Cowgirl), Singing Badly (Alto), Bicycle (basic general), Autoharp (Beginner), Recorder (beginner), Making Mead, Beginning Quilting, Women’s Southern Style Traditional Powwow Dance, Painting, Beadwork, Bowling (beginner), Swimming (general), Archery (beginning)