I have music free to download from this site.

All songs here are downloadable and free of restrictions. Well there are two restrictions: 1. You can’t use this stuff for commercial purposes without written permission. If you wanna use them for commercial purposes, contact me and we’ll chat. You might be picking a song that I can’t give permission for. (Incidentally commercial purposes means anything commercial. My stuff is released under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license.) 2. You have to give credit where credit is due, even if you’re only borrowing the arrangement. And I mean FULL REAL credit, not the secret kind that FOX likes to give.

All I ask in return is if you like my music to please tell me so. Just right click on the song name to get the file. And if you feel like giving me some support so I can afford things like working microphones, please buy me a soda via Paypal:

Album: Closet Monkey

  1. Rising Sun Blues
  2. All the Pretty Horses
  3. Metronome (Right click here to download)
  4. Loki’s Song (original song and composition by Mikal the Ram, drum beat by Timdawg) Right Click to Download
  5. It Comes Right Click to Download
  6. I’m not sure what I’ll make next!