My name is K. J. Joyner.

By day (i.e. most of the time) I’m an independent publisher. The rest of the time I’m an actress, and I used to do things on stage a very long time ago.  I’m also guilty of not keeping track of the year I’ve been in anything and forgetting what I’ve done. I offer no apologies.

I have always wanted to sing and dance, since even before school. I absolutely love it! If I can’t do it for someone else in their production then I find ways to do it myself. The need to perform is always bursting out of me.

Professionally, I prefer to be listed as “K. J. Joyner” or “Spearcarrier” in any credits.

My audio resume includes but is not limited to following performances:

When it comes to any of my appearances, I tend to report on my activity in this website’s blog postings. Check back!

Got Any Formal Education?

Yes, actually. Yes I do – I have a BA in anthropology with a minor in history from the University of North Florida. Not very relevant, I know, but I’m proud of that degree because it was a time filled with  many obstacles. I also like taking various courses online. Not only do I like to learn, but my philosophy is to write (and act) what you know.The more I know, the better I will perform in what’s to come. Here are some classes I’m enrolled in now:

  • Record Voice Over Like A Pro – The Complete Guide
  • Belting by Felicia Ricci.
  • Dustin Hoffman’s acting masterclass
  • Homeopathy Basic Course

So far so good! I don’t intend to stop there.

But moving along. Got any hobbies? Is there anything interesting you’d like to tell us about yourself?

Music is my hobby, but if I’m not careful it’ll take my entire day and become an obsession. This can be very bad when I have commissions to handle in my real life routine. That being said, I’ve made a few songs here and there and a random music video or two. You can click here to see them.

My instruments of choice are the autoharp, mountain dulcimer, and the recorder. I’m terrible at all three… but it’s fun nonetheless! You might see me filking at the random sci-fi/fantasy convention with at least the autoharp.

I also really love going to my recreation center to participate in water aerobics and water walking. My week doesn’t feel complete without it! Other activities I enjoy are walking on the treadmill (and taking classes at the same time!), writing and various arts and craft activities. My life is pretty full!

What about a demo reel or two?

Actually yes. How about this one?

I also keep them housed at my Voice123 profile here: or my profile! See it here.

And a TalentPages! Here.

For my full resume which lists all of the acting performances I can remember as well as educational credits that may not have anything to do with anything but pride, click here.