A while back I did background for a local movie entitled CARE.   That was a great day because I got to see more of the workings on set (as opposed to just plain theater) – and let me tell you watching the crew work was amazing to me. Simply amazing.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t end up in any of the shots because I was able to see the film screen the directors use to watch what the camera was picking up, and where I was set ended up out of the shot a lot. A lot.  But you know, I didn’t mind? I knew that I was where I was in CASE they used that shot. And as I said before, it was such a wonderful learning experience.

CARE is a film about the foster care crisis in America. It’s meant to raise awareness and possibly to give people an idea on how they can get involved and make a difference. I got an email today saying that it was finally out, which prompted me to see what was up.

Lo! I’m in the trailer!  LOL!!! You have to look quick or hit pause, but in the classroom setting shot in the far back there I am wearing teal with my head down – I wasn’t aware they were taking photos of us while they were setting up the camera. So boom. I’m in it anyway. Go Spearcarrier, it’s not your birthday. Go Spearcarrier.

So here’s the trailer for your enjoyment. And I encourage you to find the film itself and give it a watch, even though I’m probably not in it. And share with your friends. These guys are amazing.

CARE Trailer from Left Turn Productions on Vimeo.